We actually own a Pontiac Aztek and, surprise, there is another new problem, the cross-over wipers now lightly hit each other. They don't lock up, just scrape and hit, but continue to run. The problem seems to be caused by wear on an articulated dual knuckle system in the linkage attached to the wiper motor. The knuckles have worn out, loosened and lost alignment. The knuckles appear to be press pinned together.

I have no problem tackling this repair job, but sure could use some pointers from someone who has tackled this pinned knuckle arrangements before.

I can repay the info with this tip; If you start to lose coolant in the Aztek and the normal reasons aren't the cause, look for a leak in the intake manifold gasket. That's the paper and plastic gasket with no moving parts. Where else than in an Aztek would you find a problem like that??

Thanks for the help,