I have tired to search the internet for this answer, I have a 1991 Mercury Sable that is now flashing an air bag code. I think it's a code "44" meaning, it flashes four times, then a short pause then 4 more times.

It just started doing this. I went on a business trip for three weeks, when I returned, the car had sat for those three weeks. Then it started doing it.

Here are some facts about the car:
I know the battery is wore out, I need to replace it, it has gotten to the point where it just won't start without a jump, Im working on finding the funds to replace the battery.

It has 207,000 miles on it.

Now, on my 94 Ford Escort, for the last three years, each winter when the car is cold, you go to turn the steering wheel, and it makes this horrible creeking noise. It will do this until you get the car warmed up.
I have suspected the rack and pinion steering assembly, but Im not sure, I have taken it to a few mechanics, and none of them can find the problem. Partually because by the time I drive it to the auto repair shop, the car has warmed up and its not doing it anymore.

It has passed inspection each time with this problem.

But it didn't do this when I bought the car and Im wondering what it could be. I thought it may need to be greased, but I couldn't find any grease ports.

The car has 125,000 miles on it.

Any help would be appricated it.

Thanks in advance!