I have a 1996 s10 blazer 4wd 4.3 auto. I was driving down the E-way today, had the cruise set at 65mph when it stalled. I had just fueled up so I have a full tank of gas only 8 miles on it. It gave no warning at all just cut out. I felt like I was losing speed so looked down and the rpm was at 0. I put it in neutral and tried to get it to start but I kept on coasting. Anyway I had it towed home did some work and still nothing. First I checked to make sure my gas was good, it looked kind of pinkish almost like off road deisel but it is definitely gas with no water. I am getting between 55 and 60psi to the fuel rails. It appears I am getting a nice hot blue spark. Could be wrong as it was bright out today going to check tomorrow when there is room in the garage. I grounded the plug against the block. Distributer cap and rotor look good plug looks clean. I tried to turn the rotor to see if it maybe it skipped a gear but its nice and tight. Changed the crank sensor. All fuses are good. Fuel pump runs (duh got pressure to the fuel rails). No idea what it could be. Maybe the ecm? Maybe fuel regulator (don't think so cause you can't smell gas unless you put your nose right up to the throttle body) and I just poured a bit of fuel in the throttle boddy to see if it would fire that way but no. I'm lost any suggestions? Please!