Is it possible someone tried to short out my alarm system by grounding out my car, then tapping with hot cable from another battery? My car was fine when parked night before. In the morning, it wouldn't start. I found a blown 50 amp IG fuse in engine compartment, replaced it, charged my battery; but still no spark to the plugs. I changed the ignition module (the flat 1.5 inch square thing inside the distributor housing), but still not spark. The engine is cranking fine. I pushed my "valet" button and turned off the alarm system, but still not starting. I can smell the fuel after cranking, and can hear the fuel pump resetting; so it's not fuel. Do I need to replace the pick-up sensor inside the distributor? Anywhere I can get a used distributor? Short of cash right now, and taking the bus to work is a drag. Please help, anyone.