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    93 Honda Accord TROUBLE CODES

    Asked Oct 23, 2006, 07:42 PM 1 Answer
    I need these trouble codes translated into a bit more detail. ABS light: 2 short flashes, pause, 1 short flash, pause, 1 long flash
    Check Engine Light: 1 short flash (which in my Chilton book is described as "OXYGEN CONTENT". What that means - I don't know! It's not an O2 Sensor code, because the book says an O2 sensor is Code 41).

    I have a 1993 HONDA ACCORD EX, 4 cylinder, 5 speed and the "check engine" light came on, then it stalled - all while driving it. (Today was only about 50 degrees, so its not a heat issue). I read the 'flashes' so I could get the 'trouble codes', they are as follows:

    FYI-additional information (all/most are irrelevant). For 6 years, I have gone through I went through listening to 3 different mechanics. And it appeared to be the whole main relay thing. Yet its still acting up... not starting right away nor on the first try, and today, stalling while driving.

    Here is what HAS already been done during the last 3 and a half years.
    2 Fuel pumps,
    2 send(ing) units,
    2 O2 sensors
    Rotor button
    2 timing belts
    Clutch assembly
    Clutch slave cylinder
    Clutch master cylinder
    Brakes master cylinder
    Distributor cap
    All 4 struts
    Fuel pressure regulator
    Main Relay
    Electronic Ignition Switch

    And by the way, even after the last two got replaced, it STILL takes too many tries to start the car. Must turn key forward, let up on it, try again, let up, then on 3rd try-it starts.

    (1) Please, if anyone can - translate the codes to English.
    (2) Any suggestions on what to check?

    Thanks! To ALL on this WONDERFUL helpful site,
    CluelessChick :cool:

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    1 Answer
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    Oct 24, 2006, 06:56 AM

    I believe you read an ABS DTC 2-1 (main code 2, sub-code 1), which indicates a parking brake switch-related problem. After repair is completed, disconnect the ABS (15A) fuse in the under-hood ABS fuse/relay box for at least 3 seconds to erase the ABS control unit's memory. Then turn the ignition key on again and recheck.

    DTC 1 indicates you have a problem in the Heated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S) circuit. The HO2S has an internal heater, which stabilizes the sensor's output.
    Check for poor connections on the pigtail to the connector. Could also be a right tower connection problem. Don't clean connectors with WD-40 or any liquid cleaner. Just lightly dress with small file or abbrasive cloth.

    After you get the H02S circuit working, I would replace the igniter, coil, and fuel filter, due to the age of the car. Make sure you have fresh NGK spark plugs--no cross-reference plugs. I would also check for 5 volts at the reference wire to the MAP Sensor connector, to verify that your ECM (computer) is OK.

    If you change the brake fluid in the clutch and brake master cylinder reservoir every two years, as recommended, you will stop replacing all of those clutch and brake-related parts.

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