I have a 92 Accord w/ a auto trans. My problem started small. At first the D4 light wouldn't go off and it wouldn't shift into 4th. A Honda tech friend, that I worked with, said he changed the fluid in his and fixed it. I changed my fluid and that only made it worse. It was NOT the first time the fluid was changed, and had never had this happen before. After the fluid change. I could only get into 2nd gear manually and would not go into 3rd at all, after driving for a while would go into 4th (skipping 3rd). Once it made into 4 it shifted normally until the vehicle was shut off, then would not shift again except into 2nd manually and wouldn't go any further again. I still haven't gotten it to go into 3rd or 4th since. A different Honda tech friend that I worked with said he thinks it's the trans computer. He said it was a very common thing on my year Honda. PLEASE GIVE ME SOME ADVICE! I am desprate for this transportation to be fixed