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    Dec 12, 2005, 04:57 PM
    '90 Civic Stops Then Doesn't Crank for 15 Minutes
    My 1990 manual transmission Honda Civic Lx has recently developed a random problem. It starts fine (both cold and hot) but it randomly quits running while on the road i.e.. The motor just dies (not on every trip). When I go to start it the indicator lights come on but it won't crank or even click. When I go to crank it the headlights stay bright. This has just started but it's not clear it's associated with the colder weather here in St. Louis. I've cleaned the various contacts, battery posts, fuses, etc in the starting circuit. At one time I thought it might be due to the clutch depression switch not functioning properly but I don't know how that would cause it to stop once running. I adjusted this switch so the clutch pedal doesn't have to be as far towards the floor to insure it triggers. Once I wait 10-15 minutes it seems to crank rapidly and start and run fine. It seems like any winding to ground shorts in the starter and/or solenoid would not cause it to stop running without burning up a few wires or fuses if it should occur? Any thoghts would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Dec 12, 2005, 05:10 PM
    What error codes are you getting?

    When it stops running, and you want to start it again, does it even turn over? When that happens, did you check if it's getting a spark and gas?
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    Dec 12, 2005, 05:24 PM
    Follow Up to Question
    Since this has happened on the highway (where I coasted to the side) all 3 times while I had fairly decent clothes on I have not yet felt comfortable crawling down to look at the ECU codes. I guess I've been unnerved enough by traffic speeding by to think of that but it's definitely in order.

    To clarify on the attempt to restart. When I turn the key to the START position there is absolutely no effort of the starter to crank or for the solenoid to click. When the key is in the start position the dashboard lights remained brightly lit as did the headlights so it appeared there was no undue drain on the battery. Each time about 10-15 minutes later the car started fine with normal cranking speed etc. just as if nothing had happened.
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    Dec 13, 2005, 01:52 AM
    All right, that sounds like a problem with starter. I have no knowledge about starters and starter problems, so I cannot answer any questions about them.

    Oh, and checking error codes is really easy, you just get your 2 fingers dirty (if you have a dirty carpet). From the driver's seat, bend over to the passenger's foot area, pull the carpet down until you see a hole, and then turn the key to "II" and watch for blinks. Also, read the FAQ for explanation on how the error codes are reported by ECU (what you should be looking for).

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