Hi, I have two questions to ask about my Monte. Something has broken inside the engine. I hammered down on it at around 35 mph and just after it downshifted to low, it lost a cylinder. Dead cylinder. Now the only noise its making is sort of a rattle. I think the timing is fine because it runs fine otherwise. With a screwdriver/ear rig it sounds like its in the valve cover or maybe even pushrod area. I'm a troubleshooter and feel like I should know this sound. It's not hammering, not a lifter tap, nor is it grinding. Sounds more like a rocker arm, valve spring, rattle.
I had the intake gasket replaced 2 years ago because it leaked. I notice now there's water in the oil again. I must need another gasket now.
The questions... can you point me to the rattle? And is there a good way to stop the recurring intake leaks?
I suspect the rattle is a result of poor lubrication near the intake leak.