I have a 1998 Honda Accord Ex and it does not want to start all of the time . I went out of town and I had it towed away to a garage and they put a new fuel pump in it and it still does not want to start. I took it into the dealer and told them too look at the main relay since everyone is having trouble with theirs. But they cannot do anything since is does not show up on the diagnostic machine. I have written a complaint to the BBB about this issue and they will contact Honda for me, which we all know nothing will be done. I had also sent them this Web site so they know I am not the only one with these troubles. I just want to know how to get the dealers service to fix this problem without the diagnostic test since it does not show? Because my husband wants me to get rid of the car and I only have 79,000 miles on it and it is in perfect shape inside and out and I love it! Other than it only starts intermittingly.What can I do?