Hi There, My 1998 Toyota Camry two weeks ago when I replaced the front struts, the Garage said the distributor's gasket near the water pump and thermostat it needs to replace because of leaking coolant and they did. After one or two days later the bubbling sound came up and the radiator's overflow box always increasing after the driven but the temperature gage state as normal in the middle (not over heating).
I was thinking maybe there is air trapped in the engine block so I just pump out the coolant back to radiator when it cold. One week later the radiator cap has deteriorated because of the heat and now I have replaced one from old radiator (I replaced it one year ago) and the coolant is regulating (when it cool down the coolant will flow back to radiator). Now I'm afraid the cap will destroyed again (or water pump) after few days or so. The Garage said it should goes way if I change the cap or the top return pipe. Is there any reason the temperature gage gets the fake reading? Help!