The battery drains within a couple of days after taking battery out, placing it on a wooden plank and charging it. Bought the battery a year ago. I first thought I got a bad battery and replaced it again. The car is in the garage and I simply put the battery back in the car and hook it up. I test start the engine but don't run it long. Then after a few days the battery is dead again. The only way I can keep the battery with a charge is disconnecting the cables. I had always thought the alternator is only used to charge the battery when driving. Someone told me if the alternator is bad it will drain the battery. Is this so?
We took the battery out and placed jumper cables from another car to the cables only of the Honda accord. It started. I was told if the car starts that the alternator is bad. I don't know. I don't see how this is any sort of test because we are just using another car's battery. I thought to test the alternator, you start the car and pull one of the battery leads off the battery. If it stalls, then the alternator is bad. Or another test is to test the battery with a meter when not started. Then test again when started. If the battery voltage is more when the engine is running, than the alternator is okay.
Is there a True test I can take to test the alternator, and how can I figure out what is draining my battery? Could it be the regulator and how would I test that?