I own a 94 buick regal custom 3.1l , v8. I don't know if it matters but I am in canada. I am disabled and this is getting very frustrating for me! So I would appreciate any help... Thanks
The night before it broke down the warning lights came on to check guages, I checked them and they were all fine. The car ran fine just making a few short trips around town. Maybe 3o minutes run time total. The next morning I went to start it and it wouldn't fire. It had lots of guts when you turned the key but it wouldn't fire up. I tried for about 15 minutes with no success. The next day I tried again but only once. Then a friend went out and started it and it started right up... So he moved it for me and I went out and got into it... Turned the key and it started up right away again.I was driving about 3 minutes at 60 kms. And it just died right in the middle of the road. I couldn't get it to start at all. I went and got a new crank sensor and tried replacing that... Didn't seem to be the problem, it still wouldn't start. A friend thought it was the fuel pump but you can still hear it running when you try the ignition. He came to the conclusion that there is no fire. But when he checked the fuses under the hood, the two bigger ones on the passenger side ( one is for the air conditioner) and my air hasn't worked for years... He changed the air one with the other one and when he tried to start the car it would start... But as soon as he took his foot off the gas it would die. He did look at my plugs and wires and told me that they are dry and definitely need changing. But he came to the conclusion that it could be the timing chain/ timing belt? I would appreciate any input you can give me on this.. And maybe an estimated price of what its going to cost to fix... Or should I junk it? Thanks in advance for your help lu