:eek: I have a ford taurus 1993, got it used off my uncle,
I have noticed that near the hood to the middle, or possibly the driver side of the car, There is a small leak, the fluid appears to be clear, and odorless.

My girlfriend also seems to think, there may possibly be a leak near the trunk of the car,
This is my first car, So I'm not very knowledgeble in this field, Im hoping maybe someone can point something out, Even maybe some estimates,

Also, This might be useful. Under the hood of the car, There is a hose which is connected to the engine oil, I believe, Well this hose is bended, and does not look securely connect.

Can anybody give me some information on this, What tips can I do, To identify the problem, I don't have much money to fix whatever problem may arrise with my vehicle, or whatever is already going on with it,

I know there's not much you can do either, Because you cannot see the problem physically, Any information would be good, Thanks for your time.