I have a 1992 civic and recently it just started cutting out while driving. The first day I was ready to get onto the freeway and it just cut out. It started again after a while and was okay getting home. It ran a little rough but made it home. The next day it was fine on the way to work but coming back I had the same problem. Just recently, I took it out for a drive to check the main relay. When coming home, the car stopped. I cranked the car but it wouldn't start. Then it finally started. I drove for 2-3 minutes and it stopped again. Then it wouldn't start again. I had to get it towed but while I was waiting for the tow truck the car started again, I left it idling and after 2-3 minutes it just cut out. When the tow truck left, the car started again right away (10 minute ride)

I haven't driven the car since but every time I try to start it, it starts right up. I had a mechanically inclined buddy of mine check the plugs and wires, he stated they seem fine. I had the distributer replaced (brand new) less then 3 months ago along with the timing belt and water pump. I checked the main relay and it looks brand new. I have had the car for 3 years and didn't replace the relay... could a new looking still be dead? Could the relay be the problem?

I can hear the fuel pump whirl each time I start the car so I am hoping that this is not the problem although my mechanic seems to think this is the problem when I described the problem to him over the phone.

Please help... I will be very grateful
I just don't want to spend a lot of money on the car, but I can't afford another if I choose to get rid of it.