My 1990 chevrolet corsica 3.1L keeps on stalling. When the car first stalled I was driving to work and at the stop light it just shut down. I restarted it and it start but then when I put it in drive it stalled again and from then it wouldn't start. I had it towed to Midas and the next morning they started it and it worked. They did a diagnostic and said that there's a shortage to do with the starter, so I had my starter replaced. Took it home and still the same problems, it still shut down. I decided to change the ignition coils (the ignition module was changed just 4 months ago) and the car still runs poorly when it does run and then it shuts down again. After the car shuts down, when I restart it, the car does start.

Would any one have any idea what my problem might be.
Any help is greatly appreciated.