Develop an OO program for a library to satisfy the following requirements

1. Identify the objects involed in a library system

2. identify operations of each object

3. Identify attributes of each object

4. Based on your identifications design class specification for each object describing each classes variables, methods, and overloaded construction on a visualized environment like in visio or even on a piece of paper.

5. Visually describe how these object interact with each other(which object asks for service from what object, by sending what and receiving what)

6. Develop the visualized system using C++ for a library which is having 30 books, 150 copies of these 30 books, 50 users and 2 librarians.(once you visulize the system you may be able to find more objects than these)

7. Your system should have the capability in recording the transaction in a temporary memory area(like in the RAM)

This is the assignment that my teacher gave me, but I can't program this system.Can you help me on this?