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    Oct 26, 2009, 09:49 AM
    Alignment Difficulties of my c++ program
    The program is already right but it has some alignment issues and I cannot figure out how to fix it and I tried everything! If anyone could, can I please get some help before 12 am Tuesday, it will be greatly appreciated? This is the program:

    //IT 210 Business Applications with C++

    //Programmer: Aristio Alston

    //Date: 10/20/09

    //Program Assignment 2: Student Grades II





    using namespace std;

    int main(){

    system("color f0");

    cout<<"0123456789012345678901234567890123456789012 34567890123456789"<<endl;

    cout<<"******************************************* *****************"<<endl;

    cout<<"* IT 210 Business Applications with C++ *"<<endl;

    cout<<"* Programmer: Aristio Alston *"<<endl;

    cout<<"* Date: October 20, 09 *"<<endl;

    cout<<"* *"<<endl;

    cout<<"* Program Assignment 2: Student Grades II *"<<endl;

    cout<<"* *"<<endl;

    cout<<"* This program reads student information from *"<<endl;

    cout<<"* an input text file and outputs the results *"<<endl;

    cout<<"* to the monitor as well as to a text file *"<<endl;

    cout<<"* *"<<endl;

    cout<<"******************************************* *****************"<<endl;


    cout<<"Welcome to the IT210 Grade Calculator!"<<endl<<endl;

    cout<<"Examine the output file now before you proceed!"<<endl<<endl;

    cout<<"Press any key to read input and calculate the grades of all students\n";


    ifstream fin;

    ofstream fout;

    int prog1, prog2, prog3, prog4, prog5;

    int test1, test2;

    int totalPoints;

    string fName, lName;

    float progAvg, testAvg, courseAvg;



    cout<<"Input failure\n";


    return 1;

    } //end of enclosure"output.txt");


    cout<<"Output failure\n";


    return 1;

    } // end of error check

    cout<<"\n12345678901234567890123456789012345678901 23456789012345678901234567890"<<endl;


    cout<<setw(15)<<left<<"Student Name"<<setw(15)<<"Total"<<setw(15)<<"Program"<<set w(15)<<"Test"<<setw(15)<<"Course"<<setw(15)<<"Grad e"<<endl;

    cout<<setw(15)<<left<<" "<<setw(15)<<"Points"<<setw(15)<<"Average"<<setw(1 5)<<"Average"<<setw(15)<<"Average"<<setw(15)<<" "<<endl;


    fout<<"\n12345678901234567890123456789012345678901 23456789012345678901234567890"<<endl;


    fout<<setw(15)<<left<<"Student Name"<<setw(15)<<"Total"<<setw(15)<<"Program"<<set w(15)<<"Test"<<setw(15)<<"Course"<<setw(15)<<"Grad e"<<endl;

    fout<<setw(15)<<left<<" "<<setw(15)<<"Points"<<setw(15)<<"Average"<<setw(1 5)<<"Average"<<setw(15)<<"Average"<<setw(15)<<" "<<endl;



    fin>>fName>>lName>>prog1>>prog2>>prog3>>prog4>>pro g5>>test1>>test2;

    totalPoints = (prog1 + prog2 + prog3 + prog4 + prog5) + (test1 + test2);

    progAvg = (prog1 + prog2 + prog3 + prog4 + prog5)/5.0;

    testAvg = (test1 + test2)/2.0;

    courseAvg = (progAvg + testAvg)/2.0;

    cout<<fName +" "+ lName<<setw(10)<<left <<totalPoints<<setw(10)<<progAvg<<setw(10)<<testAv g<<setw(10)<<courseAvg<<endl;

    fout<<fName+" "+lName<<setw(10)<<left<<totalPoints<<setw(10)<<pr ogAvg<<setw(10)<<testAvg<<setw(10)<<courseAvg<<end l;

    if (fin.peek() == '\n')fin.ignore();





    return 0;

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    Feb 12, 2010, 08:39 PM

    What do you mean "alignment"... cout text alignment? Memory alignment of some sort? Describe the problem in more detail please.

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