Create any adjusting entries needed from the following additional information:

a) The hydro bill of $2,000 for December was received but not recorded or paid.

b) A new employee has been hired for $150 a day, with a 5 day week, and will start work on January 1.

c) The Prepaid rent account represents 3 months rent paid October 1, 2011

d) The Furniture was purchased January 1, 2010 and is expected to have a 3 year useful life with a $4,000 salvage value.

e) The unearned revenue represents a prepayment on September 1, 2011 for merchandise to be delivered over 6 months.

f) Emma’s Essentials employs 2 people, each who earn $125 a day and they work Monday to Friday. The year end of December 31, 2011 is on a Friday. The employees have not been paid for the last 4 days.