Using the information below, prepare the following entries. Then on a separate Word document, write an analysis and evaluation report.
1. Prepare adjusting entries.
2. Prepare closing entries.
3. Prepare a post-closing trial balance.
4. In a Word document, submit your analysis and evaluation of your created documents.
Please complete this section in Excel or Word and submit it to the appropriate dropbox.
You are to write out the journal entries in proper format and then write a post-closing trial balance in proper format.
Note that you are not being asked for a worksheet. You may use a worksheet to help you get the correct figures. However, the worksheet will not be graded.
If late work is accepted at all, it is subject to a penalty of as much as a letter grade a day.

The trial balance of Large Company, Inc. At the end of its annual accounting period is as follows:

Trial Balance
December 31, 2007

Cash $4,000
Prepaid Insurance 1,600
Supplies 2,100
Equipment 20,000
Accumulated Depreciation, Equip $2,000
C. Large, Capital 19,000
C. Large, Withdrawals 2,000
Revenue 33,000
Salaries Expense 18,300
Rent Expense 6,000
Totals $54,000 $54,000

Additional information:
1. Expired insurance, $600.
2. Unused supplies, per inventory, $800.
3. Estimated depreciation, $1,000.
4. Earned but unpaid salaries, $700.