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    Mar 15, 2012, 12:39 AM
    Does Anyone Know Who Julio Cesar Chavez Junior Is Fighting Next?
    I Would Like To See Chavez Junior Face Sergio "Maravilla" Martinez Next. Since Martinez Has Been Calling Out Chavez Junior For A While Now. Also I Think A Lot Of People Underestimate Chavez. People Seem To Forget That Chavez Junior Although Less Experienced IS Younger.

    Or I Would Like See Chavez Junior Fight Miguel Cotto Next. Miguel Cotto Has Been Going Downhill Ever Since His Loss To Margarito. But, I Think He Would Be A Good Test And Stepping Stone For Chavez Jr, If Chavez Junior Can Beat Cotto. I Think Chavez Junior Could Beat Miguel Cotto If Chavez Junior Starts Hitting Cotto's Body Early. I Think Chavez Junior Would Outlast Cotto, Since Cotto Is Getting Old.

    I Would Like It If Everyone Reading This Would Go To And Send Them A Comment Saying You'd Like To See Chavez Junior vs. Martinez Or Chavez Junior vs. Cotto. I Already Sent A Comment Requesting They Make A Chavez Junior vs. Martinez Fight. I Really Want To See Chavez Junior Face Bigger Names In Boxing. I Heard Rumors Chavez Junior Might Fight Andy Lee. But I Have No Idea Who Andy Lee Is. I Also Heard Chavez Junior Might Fight Margarito. But.. I Think Chavez Junior Would Hit Margarito's Bad Eye And Escape With A TKO Victory Over Margarito. Who Would You Guys Like To See Chavez Junior Fight Next? And Is There Any Fight Confirmed For Chavez Jr?

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