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    Jan 14, 2013, 09:41 PM
    Boxing Question
    Hi! I have a question. Can a normal person be as good as a talented person ( in boxing ).
    Im asking this question because ( want to make boxing my career) I want to box really bad and I'm 19 years old. What keeps standing in my way is this question. Also a lot of other people don't believe I can be a boxer. Mayweather ( champion boxer) started boxing when he was a kid and he is talented but can a normal person without talent be like him ( just like me I have no talent in boxing) , and I want to start boxing now (19 years old) . What would you guys say? Am I to late to start working my hardest and maybe become a pro OR maybe a champion?
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    Jan 14, 2013, 10:22 PM
    No one is born knowing how to box, no idea where you think that comes from.
    Boxing comes from training, training reflexes, training speed, strength training and more.

    I was a Mixed Martial Arts fighter in the 1980s and still did open tournaments till three years ago. In the senior citizen ( OK over 50) age group.

    Would you ever make world cham? Maybe not, But then how many hours a day would you be willing to train. Would you wake up at 4 and run miles and work out at the gym before work or school and then spend some more time there everyday.after school or work.

    I personally doubt you will ever do it, Reason you are not doing it for you, if you really wanted it, you would not care what anyone said, if everyone said it was silly, you would still do it. People will laugh at you, are you ready to ignore them, it does not sound like you are. It sounds like you are too worried about what others think.

    When I came back out and starting fighting again at age 52, my family and friends thought I was nuts, first year I came back with two regional titles, My last year I came in second in almost all tournaments and had several men refuse to get in the ring with me after seeing my first few fights that day. I retired that year because I missed blocking a kick that got me center chest, cracked three ribs and left a foot print on my chest for almost a month.
    Figured it was time to let the younger 50 year olds have it.

    But you fight not because you are good, you fight not because others think you can,
    You fight because it is what you want more than anything else in life.

    If that is not you, it would be a hobby or past time. That is OK, it is a great sport, but you would never be a champ like that.
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    Nov 27, 2013, 01:05 PM
    I've been boxing since I was 8, kickboxing since I was 11 and had my first MMA fight when I was 18. Those sports are definitely the hardest in the world. It's the reason why you don't "play" boxing. You box. The best thing about combat sports is that with time and LOTS of training anyone can become a great fighter. If you do want to start fighting then you better start right now because 19 does seem a bit late. Check out local gyms in your area and many of them probably offer some sort of free trial. Becoming a champion? That might not happen unfortunately. Consider it a feat in and of itself to make it into WBC, WBO, WBA or a worldwide league like that. Also, you WILL get very badly injured at one point or another. I've broken my nose 11 times so far (12 technically since I broke it twice in one fight). I'm not trying to deter you, but just letting you know that fighting is not fun and games. It hurts, but it rewards just as much if you push through the pain.

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