Love at First Sight The first time I saw her.My mind was blown, she stunned me.Her milky white eyes with dark blue speck’sAnd smooth silky blond hair.And this one night, the night I had to choose.It was the hundredth day of school!The day everybody is everywhere.There is no privacy.It is like traffic in New York.This night it was so cold you could freeze your tongue on baking soda.So I looked in the mirror and just said just use your wordsAnd she will listen.Then I saw her.She still looked beautiful in the freezing cold wind and rain.All of a sudden when I was near her I felt so warm and I knew,Just knew she could feel it to.So I told her what I felt.I was proud of myself and she looked excited.While I was trying to be so supper manly.And then she just laughed. Over and over and over.And then I ran away.I ran in the bathroom and cried and cried and cried for ten minutes.And then I looked in the mirror and told myself to toughen up.Then I talked to myself into going out there. So with my head held highI told her what I felt.I was so stupid earlier I should have just told her earlier.She must have felt the same,Because she started smiling.Then she hugged me.She felt so warm I was so comforted.I had so much mixed feelings for her,I loved her.The next night I heard a knock at my door.It was her, my love at first sight.This night I noticed her perfume.It was a scent a very strong scent.So strong it hurt my nose.A scent of ripe oranges,Like a month old still good smelling orange.Very ripe oranges.As soon as she stepped foot in my house it was warm.Very warm like a furry dog on a summers day.She said high and she made me take very close to a fall.She still shocked me with gigantic smile and pleasant expression.When my mother saw her she almost fainted.Then she called me to her room andd said.You are a very lucky boy.