Sitting on her lap, taking my afternoon nap
When I wake, I’ll stand up and shake
Fur flies ahead, in the winter I tend to shed
I need to be brushed, I can see that she’s rushed
I give a little bark, cause I know we’re going to the park
She slips on her walking shoes, and decides which leash to choose
I slip my paws in the harness, my favorite pink one that says “princess”
We get into the car, but I know the parks’ not very far
She throws my ball, I chase it through the air, giving it my all
In the car home I fall asleep, curled into a heap
What a day at the park, as we arrive I notice its already dark
Time for another nap, as I lay on my mom’s lap

So, I was wondering if I could get some feedback, and perhaps some editing. It's got internal rhyming... so it has to stay that way, but otherwise feel free to edit away!