I'm looking for this antisepticeye x reader x darkiplier,(Dont ask)I CAN'T FIND IT! I need to see if any of you know it, and if you do, pls comment the title of it.I can only remember little bits and pieces, but I'll say what I remember.You get in a fight with your mother, (or parents) and run away. You hear someone walk behind you so you run. after running, you come to this tree, dark talks from it.You tell him about the fight and you dont know where to go. He says he's take you someplace.He takes you to his cabin, and you go to sleep in a guest room. When you wake up dark's gone (I think) and you see anti.(Time skip bc I cant remember)Dark comes home, (I think from shopping) and you all go to bed.You sleep with anti (I remember that you get changed and anti peeks XD) and yee.When you wake up, dark notices you and anti, he gets mad and yells at anti that "You know I like her" (Or something like that)(Time skipp)The two make a challenge on whoever goes on a better date with you wins, (Time skip lol)Dark takes you to a restaurant and you see other (Corruptions?) and you get uneased. Then dark see's his 'ex' and she attacks both of you. Dark protects you and you (both?) run away.Then anti takes you to a carnival, you both have fun. Dark was following you 2 and tries to step in. (He does something) and he traps you in a (shed?)(I dont remember the rest, but i didnt know were this was in the story so-) there was another date were dark takes you to a rented ball place. You get food and dance and go home, (I dont remember much of this)If any of you know this, Plz tell me! I read this like a year ago and I cant find it now!!!