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    Historical romance title?
    I am looking for the name of a book set in the old west. The hero is on a stage headed back to his ranch from the east coast when it is held up by Danny (danielle and her cohort). Because the hero is dressed like an easterner and offends danny with something he says, she takes his boots and makes him walk to the next town. Hero (maybe his name is beau?) decides to teach her a lesson and kidnaps her, leaving a trail for her cohort to follow while she is tied down in the sun in a technique hero had learned from the indians. After he leaves her, he decides to go back and grab her because he thinks she is a boy under the bad influence of her older cohort -- truth is, she is the boss in a historical romance way -- i.e. the old man only goes along with danny's outlaw plan to protect her because she would do with or without. So hero goes back to grab her and take her to his ranch with a job so she gives up the outlaw life. Then he realizes he is a she and the romance begins.

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