So in school we have to write a story and I made this creepy story since its getting close to Halloween. In the story there's a woman who seems just romantically interested in this guy, but then she starts stalking him. When she is stalking him it is also revealed that she can do several things just by snapping her fingers. Then after a month of stalking him she alters her appearance by snapping her fingers again so she looks like the perfect lady for the guy. Then she approaches him and asks him out. He says yes and after a month of dating they become a couple. Finally one night she invites him over for a special night together and when she invites him into the bedroom she snaps her fingers and kills him. Then she stuffs him in a box and puts him in the basement with all the others so they can be together forever. I know the story might sound boring or corny but if you could read the whole thing in detail you'd probably be more impressed. I would write the whole story here but it would be way too long. Its 3 pages long... I've tried: the perfect man, soulmates and together for titles but they just aren't working for me. I need some ideas quickly as this story will be due next week.