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    Feb 1, 2007, 10:09 PM
    Ah! Can't remember the author or title of the book!
    I found this book like several years ago, it's killing me not to remember the name! It's about some teenagers(maybe young adults) and it switches POV. Some of the guys are in a band (I think?) anyway they have a van for some reason, and one guy painted something on it which I'm pretty sure was a painting of a girl. Everyone thinks its cool I think someone might try to steal the van or something. At least two girls are pregnant. One is far along the other is not. The not showing one is considering an abortion but the other one is against it. The heavy one got pregnant by the guy who drives the van (I want to say her name is maria) and he has a younger brother who is crippled. The crippled brother asks the other brother something about maria(?) and gets punched. I think they are in a fastfood parking lot when this happens and then they go inside. A girl talks about a girl from their school who got mocked for wanting to be a nun so had sex with a boy in this closet by the pool filled with pool chemicals so they called her the 'chlorine queen' but she still made friends because she did it. I remember one girl talking about how her mother left her in front of a store for like hours but then came back to get her. And a girl (same one?) who already has a kid knows she is pregnant again when she starts spotting. And a boy had sex with only a few girls, one talked the whole time and one cried the whole time. I remember someone using the word 'friggin' which was kind of scandelous to me since I was young when I read it.

    That's what I remember. Any idea what it is?
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    Mar 13, 2008, 10:13 AM
    Here's my questions--why on earth do you want to remember this book??

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