Hi I recently have had my cartilage pierced on my right ear only and it does not hurt at all right now and most of the time it doesn't hurt at all but it is sore when I touch it and it is too painful to spin the studs so I just leave them alone and try to clean them as much as I can with the anticeptic and I have to be gentle. Sometimes my ear will itch during the day and it will sometimes be sore for a little while after cleaning them and then everything is fine. Also when laying on the ears they are a little sore but again not bad. How long will this pain last? I only got the piercing 6 days ago. I am not going to remove the earrings yet but when I am able to remove them I want to know if I am going to have a LOT of pain trying to get the back off. I had my ears pierced at Claires and they use a stud and it has a lock backing which is so hard to get off without tugging at the ears. Ouch! Will I eventually be able to touch my earrrings without pain, will I always have pain when laying on the side of my cartialage piercing? Thanks and I will be looking for your response..