Im 16 I got my belly button pierced without my parents knowing about three weeks ago by a profession with two of my friends that happen to be twins. We had to buy our own barbells before we got them pierced and we all got the same except mine is a golden color. Because of the type of barbells we bought the bigger ball doesnít unscrew on any of ours so we had to get them pierced with the barbell upside down leaving the bigger ball on top. Around three days after I got it done it started to become red around both ends. I had been cleaning it with dove soap witch I later found out was wrong for the piercing. The twins piercings were fine and still look normal. They have been using Ivory soap. I had used the dove soap for about two weeks cleaning it every day at least twice a day. The twins gave me the Ivory soap to use and I saw improvements right away, most of the red had gone. But Im still worried about it. It is itchy some times but thatís a sign of heeling and the puss that comes out is the correct color. But it is still red all around it and it is becoming crusty and my skin is starting to stick to the barbell. When I ice the area it helps unstick and get rid of the crusting the piercing has its ups and downs. Some times it bleeds while I clean it. Also I have red bumps under the barbell. All of these have been going on for a the last two weeks. I have the Ivory Soap still, and I have Claireís Cleaning Solution, And Hydrogen Peroxide. Let me know If you have any suggestions. Or know what is going on. I have done a lot of research on this but I still donít know what would be best.