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    May 4, 2014, 08:42 PM
    Industrial Piercing... help?
    Okay, so I just got my industrial done 2 days ago. My mother went with me to the parlor and it was all good. After done, he sat there and explained to us what we could do for cleaning. He gave us a variety of choices but my mother and I decided to do balctine and saline. He told us different q-tip for each hole, 3-4 times a day. My only problem is is that sometimes I accidentally bump it. But, I've been looking up my piercing and see that most people use sea salt or whatever and not to use balctine and it worries me. Other people also say not to twist or move it.. but my piercer told me to do that because if not the piercing can get stuck or whatever. The only time I touch, move, and twist my piercing is when I'm cleaning it of course. Like, I put the saline on and then clean my bar and then I spray my ear with the balctine and then make sure my balls are on tight and twist my bar around only a little. Im worried a lot because I don't want an infection..
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    May 5, 2014, 03:55 AM
    Always handle your piercing with clean hands; if you have latex gloves, use them. I would recommend sea salt in warm water to clean only, but if you are having good luck with both bactine and salt, just keep on doing it. You have gone two days with nothing happening, so you are probably in the clear for no infection.

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