I just got an industrial bar about 4 weeks ago now. I have what looks like swelling, but I went back to my piercer and he said it was a keloid. He said use saline solution and tea tree oil. He said not to use a bar of soap to clean it in the shower. The other piercer I spoke to a week ago said to use bar soap and really salty water, with sea salt. I went to him because my ear was a little red and a little swollen, but that went away and I got this mess.
The top piercing is red, inflamed, and kind of hurts. Its swollen enough that looking at it from the side you can see what should be the underneath of my ear cartilage. In top of the swelling is an additional red bump. Its not oozing, but after I soak it in a sea salt soak I get a little discharge, just barely enough to wipe off with a q-tip. I have had this since Sunday, and now its wed. I am afraid I will have to take it out, and I really don't want to have to do that. Both of my parents are Dr's and they want to do crap to it, but so far I have been successful in not letting them, just because they don't know about piercings. My dad tried to use hydrogen peroxide, so that was the end of that.
What's you opinion, on how to take care of this and get is... better.