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    Apr 24, 2015, 07:45 AM
    Cartilage piercing help
    I got my two helix holes 6 days ago and the posts get stuck in my hair and everything and it causes more pain... I tried to see if I'd be as to take the piercing out and I could get myself to do it so I put it back in I might have also slept on it last night but it's a little swollen and red and it's not too hot just warm I cleaned it with the solution my piercer gave me and then ran it under warm water and cleaned it with antibacterial soap and ran it under water again I used a little bit of ice and it didn't help I just took one Advil there is no bleeding or crust or pus I don't have sea salt to do a soak is there anything else I could do? Is it infected? Lol I'm kind of nervous I don't like having infections lol

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