Hi everyone,

I need some help. I've raised domesticated baby birds before, but never a wild bird, at least not one that lived. :(

My daughter found a baby bird on the sidewalk in front of our house. I know that fledglings will leave the nest before they are able to fly, and that the mother bird will continue to feed it, but this baby has a broken wing, and is also no where near a nest (not that I could find anyway).

I cannot leave it on the sidewalk, too many kids, too many cats, too many other things that will get to it. Also, the broken wing, which is a major problem.

My question, what do I feed it? I hear that mushed up dog food is good, but will that be enough? I need to do everything I can to keep this baby alive.

Yes, I've called the rescue society, they won't come until Friday at the earliest, it isn't a rare bird, so I guess it's not top priority. I think it's a chickadee or a finch, not sure though.

Here's a picture, it's not great, don't want to take another, the flash scares the bird;

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Any help would be appreciated, Friday is a long way off and the rescue society gave me no info whatsoever. Please, someone, help.