Hey there I have a indian ringneck parrot who is 4 months old now. I just want to check if he is healthy there is no info on the net,I'm really struggling. He is super tame even comes to me when I put my finger out. But he refuses to eat vegtables and rarely eats fruit even though I always give it to him. Also he picks the sunflower seeds out and will only eat them pushing the other seeds out of his bowl on to the floor. Is there any suplement vitamins I can get him? If so where from? His feathers are quite ruffled and I know this is a bad sign. What do I give him to make his feathers look better? At the middle edge of his wings on both side his feathers grow off the wing diagnal so they are not growing in the right direction. What can I do to have a healthier bird? Please help. Also one last thing when should I start training my bird tricks, and what should I start with? Thanks