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    Oct 12, 2007, 04:21 PM
    Decorating my bird cage with 2 birds?
    Hello :)

    I have a pretty big bird cage, and 2 parakeets. My question is - How do I decorate my bird cage safely? Because I had this what I thought really great idea, and now I'm not so sure if its as good as I thought.- Ok, I wanted to make it as realistic as I could. I wanted to put either fake or real plants inside. It has 3 levels to it- with latters to each level. SO I figured I could put some plants on the different levels also. I have the basics in there, food +water dish, A swing, I was able to fit a bird play gym inside. They also have a bird bath in there. Oh, I also bought a water fountain so they can bathe in there, and I thought it would look pretty, and read on line birds love moving water, and replace that so I don't have to use the traditional bird bath. I have some fake vines going around the out side of the cage. But thought I would make it as nice as I could for them, so they can be happy :) Well, any opinions, or info I need to know would be appriciated. I couldn't find anything on line, except for a list of real plants that were safe. Thanks so much for your time.
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    Oct 15, 2007, 04:12 PM
    If you are planning on live plants then please be careful,
    We have a list on site somewhere of safe plants for birds of which I will find out and send you a link so you can have a look at it,
    However with parakeets (you don't mention what sort) you may find that any live plant will last only a matter of days before the birds have shredded them up into nothing..
    How deep is the water in the fountain that they have access to as it is possible for some birds to drown depending and the species and also the depth of water and age of birds
    What size is the cage as that would give better idea of the plants to use also,
    The bird bath should be removed in the night time to stop the birds from drowning and also so they can be dry before they go to sleep,
    Some parakeets also love dust baths so if you can get hold of the dust that chinchillas bath in they may fancy a roll in it every now and again,

    The false plants are a better option than real plants and can be decorated more safely with the false silk ones made for fish tanks and while expenisve they are great for birds to play in, climb on and hide in,
    Best of luck with your birds and tomorrow morning I will look for the link for plants for you as to what is dangerous and what is safe,
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    Oct 18, 2007, 02:25 PM
    Thank you so much. The cage I think is 50in Height & 40in Length. Not exactly sure- but if I'm remembering right- thoes are the measurments-.

    The fountain is 2-3 inches deep. And is 9in H and 6in width. I didn't know about the drounding, and having to take the bath out each night- maybe the founatin isn't a good idea. If not then I will take out immeadeatly. Thank you for your help, it was very much appriciated :)

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