I have two Indian Ringnecks, male and female. The male is still a little young but they are definitely paired... well, protective of their cage. The female bites me unless she is allowed to come out on her own, and she never did this before. Before I build them a nest box I was hoping that someone knew what type of box is best for this breed.

One person told me that they are very similar to Budgies in their nesting behavior. That they sit hard on the eggs and to put a divet in the box to provide a hollow place. I have never bred birds before except doves. Doves are a little too easy. The female Ringneck is blue and the male is green (one of his parents was blue, the other was yellow.) What color are their babies likely to be?

They may never be friends with me again, right? Should I separate them? They are both very friendly and were hand fed. There are no books on Ringnecks that I have been able to find. So, I'm in the dark as far as their breeding behavior.