I got a new puppy about 2 and a half week ago. He's about 3 to 4 weeks old. He's always been very lively and playful but for the last 4 days he's been acting very strange. He barely moves,doesn't run anymore, nor does he play. Has small eyes. Pees very little and a lot of times in a row, a little here and a little there. He puts his head in his bowl of food but doesn't eat much. It looks as though he want's to eat but can't. He's losing hair too.
He went to the vet but the doc was a terrible one. He gave him liquid vitamins and a capsol
Of cod liver oil on everyday baisis. It's not working and he looks even worse after coming from the vet. That's the best medical care I am capable of providing right now.
Please help me. If only I knew what was wrong with him. Please response. I pray every night for him and he means way too much to me. He was a stray. He was chewing plastic, deserted when I found him. I really love my dog. Please help me. I can't this idea out og my head that he's dying. Please response! With something. Anything.

Thank you.