My husband and I are taking a college biology class together. We're starting to get in to genetics, making me curious as to what our children might look like.

I have brown hair and brown eyes; my mom has black hair and brown eyes; and my dad has brown hair and blue eyes.

My husband has brown hair and hazel eyes; his mom has blonde hair and blue eyes; and his dad has red hair and brown eyes.

I realized that his parents both have recessive hair colors, making me think it's unusual that he has brown hair.

There are other features that we've noticed that aren't similar to his dad, which is unfortunately raising the question, is he really his father?

So, is it possible for his red-haired father and blonde-haired mother to have a brown-haired child?

Just to let you know, my husband has ashy brown hair color, while his father has red to dark red hair.