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    Oct 16, 2013, 03:26 AM
    Widow suffering PTSD needing a home
    Hi all: This is my first attempt at a forum (so to speak) in trying to find help with my issue. First I would like to say, I understand that everyone here has gone through a great ordeal and that in no way am I under the assumption that my problem is in anyway greater then anyone else's and I pray for all to receive the blessing they so deserve. However tomorrow marks the 2 year anniversary of my husbands death by suicide which I was a witness to after being held at gun point myself. Needless to say I have been diagnosed with several psychological disorders since then including PTSD which makes it very hard to work. I have filed for SSI and SSD however the states examiner found that although my symptoms are sever that I could get better with medication. Which isn't the case. Anyway I am left with extreme bills and living from place to place with whomever will house me at the time. I am in great need of any advice for help in the Dallas Texas area. The shelters here are not somewhere I can go due to joint custody of my minor children. And I have exhausted all means that I know of.
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    Oct 16, 2013, 04:13 AM
    I'm sorry this has happened to you and your children.
    These days almost everyone is turned down for SSI/SSD the first time, and you have to try again or hire a law firm, who will take some of your retroactive check as their fee. I'd suggest that you do that. They won't take the case if they don't feel that you have a good chance.
    Second, who shares custody of the children? I would go into a woman's shelter, if you can find a women only one, and visit the children where they are staying. Good shelters have staff who can help you with all the various programs that should be available to you.
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    Oct 16, 2013, 04:28 AM
    I have been denied twice already then hired a representative and just when I thought things were finally going to happen, I called the SSA office only to find that they had no file on me current whatsoever. So have filed again on my own and looking for a better attorney to assist me, but had to start all over again because last denial was over a year ago. Sorry I failed to say I share custody with my ex husband of 8 years who although is a awesome father he wasn't such a good husband, and fails to realize that my shortcomings are not the lack of me wanting to be with my children but that I can not afford the court ordered outline of my paying for all round trip gas of over 90 miles each way let alone I don't have a vehicle anymore do to the fact that I had to get a title loan after husbands death to help care for myself and lost my job due to PTSD. And they have a few women only shelters in nearby bigger cities however they are and stay full. I have truly tried everything, Im at a loss!
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    Oct 16, 2013, 04:36 AM
    Can you move to your ex's city? Or is it a small town? Just so you can be near your children while they live with him? Or are all your family and friends in Dallas, so you are sort of stuck there? You can deal with SS from anywhere.
    You will have a lot more freedom to get on your feet if your children are with him. You could ask churches for names of elderly who might need a helper around the house for room and board and a small stipend.

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