Exactly twenty six days ago, my boyfriend who was just 16 died. He died of Cancer, and now at school (I am in year nine) because I am mourning, my friends are "having a go" at me and saying I've changed, but I can't tell them because I just KNOW that they won't believe me, especially the stupid silly girl who was meant to be my best friend, and also, who whenever I tell my buds something, she snorts and says "Riiiiiigggggggggggggghhhhhhhttttt, suuuuurrreee". It is sooo upsetting and when one of my (girl) classmates was dissing Jasper (my late-b.f) I sort of got angry at her and hit her, and now I do not know what to do. Please help me, because right now I feel more alone than ever. Xxx Thank you. Xxx