I lost mybestfriend and love of my life 2 weeks ago and I don't understand my lifes purpose anymore, we had a connection so strong this doesn't make sense, everything I did in my over the past 22 years was for me however the constant knowing we would be together, we had 3 years to go before marriage and he was taken from Sept 11/08, the same day the only other man in my life that I ever trusted passed, my grandpa sept 11/01, what kind of sick joke is this, I feel like am a walking dead person, I see no future, I can't make sense of this,I want answers, he had a car accident in May, he was spared and yet 3 months later he is taken, WHY! 3 months that he was here he was warning me , trying to prepare me for something, we even talked if 1 of us where to pass what would happen, I asked that if that happens to please ensure he do everything he can to ensure I do not find out until after the visitation and surly noton the same day, my sweet angel did exactly that he passed away on Sept 6, I found outon the mornng of sept 11. Even the person that we spoke who would tell me,was the person that told me, I feel him, but I don't knowhow to go on or make sense of a love so strong and connection that carried and friendship and love for 22years could end like this, I don't get it. I can't stop crying and when I do I can't figure out why I'm not, the spiritual side of me see the messages he sends I want more, someone please bring him back. I just want to know why I am here and he is not.