On March 23rd 2008 I lost the love of my life to a tradgic car accident... We were not together at the time and he was with someone I accused him of being with, but he called me almost every 2nd day and told me he loved me and wanted to make things right... He was away working 4000 miles away from me and him and the girl were both killed in a head on collision I feel so guilty and remorse for being so rude to him and yelling. I loved him with all my heart and it's been a year and I can't get my life back in order... I made a shrine for him and I enlargened some of our favorite pics... I went to a Medium and James came through and said all the things I wanted to hear... I still can not get over this... Is there an online site that has free mediums? I sure could use some words from James right now... If anyone knows please tell me... Thanks!! :confused: