My mother in law passed away on March 6, 2009 (03/06/09) and it was very tragic. She had a massive brain aneurysym, followed immediately by a massive stroke - there was no chance she was going to make it.
My boyfriend, myself and the rest of his family (his dad, sister, brother and his mothers best friend) were by her side while she was on life support fighting for her life - we were holding onto the slight hope that she would pull through this tragedy, as the doctors operated immediately to try and stop the bleed and we thought that "if they are operating, they must think she'll pull through" - but we were wrong.
She was removed from life support on Friday March 6th 2009 - with all of us by her side, we watched her take her last breaths, last eye flutters, last foot shakes and she was gone...
My boyfriend and I live 2000 miles away from his family and are not around the rest of the family that often and I am concerned about my boyfriend a lot. He has yet to cry with me about losing his mother and he has said that "I really feel sorry for the first person who pissess me off" and this worries me.
I tell him often that if he needs to/wants to talk - I am here for him always, but nothing!!
Now we are 7 months later and he has yet to have the "break down" with me and I am concerned that he is holding things in and then one day he's just going to... do something silly.
Help!! Which way do I go with this??
I love him so much and want to help him. I have suggested counselling and he is in no way interested in that - so now what do I do??
Please Help Me!!