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    Skin Lightening questions
    If you have a question about skin lightening, please post it on the Skin Lightening board, here.

    Thank you.

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I want advise on the ht26 (intensive concentrated lotion). I would like to give the product a try but want to know how safe and effective are the products for skin lightening before buying. And if otherwise what other affordable products can I use. Thanks.

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I'm new to site and not sure how to use it, so this may be a repeat message. I'm trying to get a response from someone who has ordered the products that realsweet has recommended, or get a response from her, has anyone used these products? Or know whom to order them from?

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Do you guys know of any homeade skin lightening regimens? I don't know why, but there are no more websites that talked about this; three years ago I could easily find 20. Also, I have been using lemon juice and seen some lightening. I hear it works very well if you give it a great deal of time...

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Helpp have dark skin need to lighten it overall.. which is the best product?

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I've always tried to understand skin lightening? Don't think that I am being condescending, I'm just curious as to why anyone would want to lighten their beautiful dark skin?? Please explain :confused:

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