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    Mar 30, 2006, 01:03 PM
    My roots won't bleach!
    I have very light bleached hair from dark brown, I got it that light from going to the salon a couple times and paying around $70-$90 per visit. Now I'm really broke and can't afford salon visits anymore, but I still want to keep my hair this light. I've tried a couple of the lightest blondes from the drug stores but all that happens is that it turnes my roots orangy, like the color you get when you first bleach your hair blonde from dark. I've tried 3 times and nothing will bleach my roots the same color as the rest of my hair. So I've got platinum hair and about 2 inches of this ugly orange roots, plus the longer I wait then I'm going to get dark roots and orange roots but I don't want to damage my hair much more... Should I wait until I can save up enough money for a salon or would a beauty supply store or maybe even a beauty college be able to help me?
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    Apr 12, 2006, 11:49 PM
    Ieatlamps, using a blonde hair color on your roots will not make it blonde. "Color does not lift color." You will need to use bleach to make your roots lighter. When you have dark hair and apply a color, it will result in a brassy or red/orange shade. You can either go to the salon or a beauty school and have them color your hair. Please let them know that you've used 2 blonde colors on your hair. If you have any artificial color in your hair, they will probably use a color remover before changing your haor color. The dark roots will have to be bleached, then a blonde toner is applied.
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    Nov 11, 2011, 07:48 AM
    This is right. If you used blonde dye, that isn't bleach. If you did use over the counter boxed bleach here is my suggestion. Go to a beauty supply store, and buy a salon grade bleach + volume 20 Developer. NEVER do volume 40 - this will KILL your hair. Here is what you will need in order to bleach your roots at home to the RIGHT color.

    1 - L'Oreal Orea Bleach Powder ( THIS IS THE BEST ONE, it's the one I use)
    2 - 1 Med. Bottle of Volume 20 Developer.
    3 - A plastic bowl
    4 - A plastic Comb with dye brush end
    5 - Gloves

    The obvious is listed there because guess what - they don't come with the cream developer and bleach on their own. Anyway, here are the instructions!

    Trust me, I know. I went from long red hair, to very short blonde hair, as a result of trying to bleach my hair, so listen to what I say ;).

    Mix the bleach, and developer until it is creamy. Follow the individual instructions on the bleach.

    Section your hair, and begin applying the dye to ONLY YOUR ROOTS. Do not blend over to the rest of your color because this WILL cause breakage.

    Make sure to saturate your roots with the bleach - and try to work fast.

    Once you are finished, check where you had first bleached. Is it going lighter?

    Wrap your head in a plastic bag ( ONLY IF THIS ISN'T GOING TO KILL ALREADY VERY DAMAGED HAIR!)

    Wait 20-35 minutes. Look at your hair again. Blonde? If so, take the bag off and rinse. If not? Also take the bag of and rinse! Leaving the bleach in for any longer WILL damage your hair.

    You may notice your hair is still not the color you want, that's OK. If it is a lightish golden blonde, or a little orange in tinge you just need some toner. For platinum blondes, I suggest purple. I use a purple shampoo also as upkeep on my hair. This will bring your hair to a neutral color.

    I hope this helped - a fellow root dying blondee from brown!

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