So I've been struggeling with this rash looking thing on my right face cheek since I was about 14 but now at 25 ist just annoying!
The rest of my face has a bit of uneven tones both cheeks get flaky and dry! Especially when I apply my powder (this is no cheap powder either its by chanelle about 55 dllrs)
I do have big pores. My nose at times looks like the skin of a strawberry.
This rash is the wierdest thing! Its only that cheek, its always super red and on bad days which I never know why they are bad days to begin with, my cheek feels swollen, feels hot, like irritated and the tiny pimples that usually stay under the skin feel bumpy.

What is this? I did try to see a derm. But she wanted to do 5 sessions of some peel and it was 500 dllrs each session once a month sorry but I can't afford that!

Any suggestions on what it could be and how to treat it? Maybe change what I put on it I'm lost here