Three days a go I dyed my medium, dark brown hair with a black semi-permanent dye (lasts 28 shampoos) and it turned way too black. I tried washing it out with a clarifying shampoo and the Prell method of removal (put it on my dry hair, threw cap over it and blow dried it on hot every now and then, washing it out in 45 minutes). I saw that the color was washing out in the shower, but hair looked exactly the same each time. I then tried mixing prell and dawn dishwashing liquid together, left on my wet hair for 5 minutes, saw that the color rinsed out but my raven hair looked exactly the same. Do you think the color will eventually fade with the prell method, am I doing something wrong (like should I be putting the prell on wet hair instead of dry) or move on to something stronger?
Your help is much appreciated!