:confused: [F]I've been using Natural Instincts Cinnaberry for a LONG time and have been happy with it. My ends have gotten darker over the years, so right now my roots are lighter than the ends. Natural Instincts has a new color, Malaysian Cherry, which is a little lighter and brighter than the Cinnaberry, but the ends of my hair are too dark for the Cherry color to affect them at all.

To get the ends light enough so the Cherry color would be turn out even, is it better to use a color remover (UnColor) to lift out at least some of the dark color, or would bleaching it be more effective? And how light would the ends have to get before I can use the Cherry color and have it turn out even?

My hair is naturally curly, a little longer than shoulder-length, and in fairly good condition. It's been a long time since I've seen it, but my natural color is/was a light ash brown and now it's about 50% gray. I would prefer not to use bleach if I don't have to, but I really want the Cherry color all over.