A lot of the time I don't think about it much, but right now I feel horrible about my flat chest. I hate getting made fun of for it. I'm 19 and am pretty tiny all around and any guys I've ever dated or been with say they prefer small breasts and some even said big boobs are "gross" But I'm really not buying it. I don't feel like a woman ='[
I look like a little boy in my eyes. I never feel sexy and get mad if anyone says I am because I feel like it's a joke or they're trying to be nice. Sometimes I'll see a alt porn site with a girl with small breasts and see the comments people leave. None are good. It really hurts to see how people call the girl a boy and make stupid immature jokes.

Anybody else have this problem/or know any tips to make me feel more confident? Also any ways to increase the size without surgery. (bras,certain diets)idk! Helppp me feel better :(