So I always compare myself to the popular girls in my school, I look at them and then in the mirror, and I think of all the things that make them so much better looking than me and I feel really ugly and sad. I also cut off my hair and regret it a lot, which makes me feel 100000000 x more ugly. I have a boyfriend who tells me I am beautiful and I believe him but I also believe everyone is, in their own way. I just wish I was pretty. That is different from beautiful, if you know what I'm saying?
& some days I look in the mirror and think, hey I'm not that bad , I'm sort of pretty. But then the next day I look and think that I am not much to look at and I will go on fb and see pictures of super gorgeous girls and feel ugly all over again. Please don't tell me looks doesn't matter its what's on the inside, I already know that. But I get jealous of all these girls who are nice PLUS super duper gorgeous. It isn't fair that they get to go through life with their perfect skinny curvy bodies and perfect long hair and perfectly pretty faces, and here I am looking gross as anything. Help please? Any attempt to help is appreciated a lot, thanks.